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Wide brimmed Sun hat in brown hessian and black linen edge of brim and band 

Black straw hat with black and white trim, custom made 

Extra wide brimmed Panama straw hat, custom made 

Red fine straw hat, hand moulded into soft folds.  Hand made silk flower detail

Hand painted Hessian Bucket Hat 

Wide brimmed Sun Hat in dark red and black linen 

Floral Sun Hat with red edge of brim and band.  

Black and white fabric Cloche.  The fabric is a mix of cotton, fine wool and linen patchworked together.  Unique design 

Baker Boy or Fidler cap in a fun black and white Cat fabric 

Grey and black fabric Fedora.  Unique design 

Stripes Baseball cap in brown, cream and red. Custom made 

Purple cotton Fedora.  Custom made